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Mobile WalkAbout:November 20, 2016 at 11:47AM

Reveling in the glory of winter. Where the trees speak and the mountain groans, life curled up waiting to be re-born. #Nemet0n


Mobile WalkAbout:November 10, 2016 at 02:20AM

At Nemeton 2 more spaces were revealed & co-created with nature this fall (2016)!!! The Mad Hatters Tea Parlor (social fire, feasting & muttering) and the Rose Zen Garden (listening, contemplation & connection). These spaces were neigh on impassible earlier in the year, due to shear volume of brush, brambles and trees. More details and shared journey coming soon… #Nemet0n

Mobile WalkAbout:October 26, 2016 at 02:14AM

On Nemeton as the myst settles over the mountain, blanketing us in its chilly damp embrace, I watch the leaves fall from the trees, to rest its growth for yet another season and I am reminded as I remove the tear soaked leaves from my sacred spaces that IT IS Time. That precise balance step across the slippery bridge from Here to Then, that spring comes only after The Fall and this time too is to Be Relished. Revealing in the deep root growth, the Returning to The Cave, To The Mother, To Self. Each year I die back to rest, like the plants and trees I love so, their medicines and language a gift that rides with me through the deep dark swirly months. And Each spring I emerge like the first leaves of spring, eagerly bursting towards the suns warmth. These cycles, these patterns, a thing to Be Embraced, treasured. Love yourself, deeply, relentlessly, pursuing the You that IS Divine. ~Fall of 2016 on Nemeton~ (From the pages of ‘The Memoirs of a Wild Mountain Woman’) #nemet0n

Mobile WalkAbout:October 22, 2016 at 03:56PM

Nemeton Mental Mind Food: When the framework of your fear gives way from the force of your rage, the Truth will be revealed. The question is: Are you willing to allow the energy of love (of Fire) shatter the barriers to reveal The Wholeness, that already exists. The absolute perfection in the design, no matter the unconventionality of the construct. #Nemet0n

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